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Jotun Top Coatings

A topcoat is the type of paint or varnish that you use for the final layer. It is the final coat for use over primers or fillers. They are made to provide proper adherence to the undercoat, enhance the appearance of the painted surface and give additional protection from the weather.

The Topcoat is applied over the basic material as a sealer. It is generally denser than the intermediate coat because of the formulation with a lower pigment-to-vehicle (solvent). The first topcoat may enter into the intermediate coat and it provides the coating system with an impregnable top surface. Topcoats minimize the moisture permeation rate to the underlying coats and usually need specialized application equipment.

In a paint system, topcoats offer a resinous seal over the intermediate coats and the primer. A topcoat is considered the primary defense mechanism of many coatings against hostile agents. The main benefits of top coating include providing a pleasing appearance, resistant seals for coating systems, resistance to water and weather, toughness and wear resistance to the surfaces, and much more.

Jotun’s top coats are the best available topcoats in the market. They are suitable for a wide range of industrial structures. The products like Jotun Penguard FC are used as an anti-corrosive primer for steel and concrete above water areas or as an intermediate coat in more corrosive environments.

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