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Jotun Primer

A primer is a preparatory coating applied to the surfaces before painting. It enhances paint durability, ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface and provides extra protection for the painted material. The main use of a primer is to ensure proper adhesion to the substrate and provide intercoat adhesion for succeeding coats.

Primers are specifically formulated for substrates like aluminum, steel, Polypropylene (PP) and other materials. If you are painting your surfaces without priming them first, you might need more coats for completion and the paint may not stick to the surface as it would to the primer.

Jotun is one of the best companies in the world that provides high-quality primer coats. The company has different formulations of primer designed for different surfaces. Jotun primer acts as an anti-corrosive primer or intermediate coat for the protection of steel and other substrates in atmospheric exposure. The fast dry-to-recoat and dry-to-handle times allow for increased efficiency during the process of application of paint.

Jotun primers like Barrier ZEP provide corrosion protection as part of a complete coating system to carbon steel substrates. The primers manufactured by the company are used in offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings, mining equipment and general structural steel.

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