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Jotun Intermediate

An Intermediate Coat is used in a coating system for corrosion reduction. It gives sufficient thickness to the whole system and offers excellent barrier properties. This is because of the use of lamellar pigments like Micaceous Iron Oxide which reduces Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT). The incorporation of Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) will decrease moisture penetration in humid atmospheres and enhance tensile strength. The increased thickness provided by coats will lead to increased longevity. Inert pigments such as glass flakes also act as laminar pigments.

Intermediate coats are specially designed to enhance the overall protection. It has exceptional filling and leveling properties and prepares the primed substrate for the further application of a topcoat. The coats provide an additional barrier against moisture and oxygen, resulting in decreased corrosion. The intermediate coat enhances the mechanical properties of the system in a comprehensive manner.

Jotun is the leading manufacturer of high-quality Intermediate Coats. The coating products are mainly designed for corrosion alleviation and can be used for various industrial purposes like reducing moisture vapor in industrial tanks. Jotun has developed its products by procuring top-quality lamellar pigments. We supply Jotun Intermediate Coats for our clients at the best prices.

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