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Jotun Intumescent Coatings

Various products, such as Steelmaster 1200 WF, are included in the Jotun intumescent coating. These are considered to be the most effective thin-film water-intensive coating if structural steel is in contact with cellulosic fire, providing fire protection for 120 minutes. These coatings are used and utilized for structural steels that are exposed to high levels of hazardous environments as part of a complete coating system.

Intumescent coatingsare in fact a layer of protective material that undergoes a chemical reaction that produces heat. This causes an insulating layer to swell and form on the surface, with or without water release. Fire-rated intumescent paint is the most commonly used to protect steel from fire. Water based or soluble are thin film fireproof paint materials that can be used for steel. This is usually applied to prevent fires in the building. Passive fire in buildings is used as a preventive measure, intumescent coatings also known as intumescent paints, can be applied to structural members as an aesthetic fireproofing product.

Intumescent paints are very effective and helpful, especially with certain fire calamity situations. Intumescent paint is an indispensable component of an effective passive fire protection system. It expands rapidly to protect the surface on which it is applied, which aids in contact with extreme temperatures. This will benefit the occupants of the building in case of emergencies, preventing, reducing or delaying the fire to the intumescent paint structures, thus ultimately giving the occupant’s time to evacuate safely. Nowadays, the construction sector all over the world prefers intumescent coatings by considering the safety precautions.

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